Corsair Boats was established in 2008, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia by Mark Abbott, a master craftsman with over 25 years experience in boat design, construction and restoration.

Corsair Boats specialises in the construction and maintenance of traditionally built wooden boats. The iconic Victorian Couta Boat and more recently Maine Style Lobster Boats have become the backbone of the steadily growing business.

Paying particular attention to quality, the materials used in the construction of the Couta Boats include Huon Pine or King William Pine for the Hull and Deck. We have a philosophy of quality over quantity. Cheaper imported species do not feature in Corsair hulls.

Corsair is the exclusive dealer for Smartboat on the Mornington Peninsula, a revolutionary product designed to monitor your pride and joy regardless of where you are in the world. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that there is 24/7 monitoring of all systems on your vessel.

The demand of bespoke Lobster Boats has presented an opportunity to combine traditional building methods with cutting edge technology resulting in the very best of both worlds. The hulls are strip planked using high quality Western Red Cedar and then sheathed and vacuum bagged, creating an extremely ridged and lightweight hull. These boats are finished with the AWLGRIP paint system, which is widely recognised as the finest in the industry. The economical Yanmar Diesel engine and large fuel capacity allow for extended cruising.

These vessels are of a build quality equal to the best of the best worldwide and have gained substantial interest from the Australian and European market.


All Corsair Couta Boats are custom built with particular attention to the clients specifications.