Restorations & Repairs

Whether it be new craft construction or the annual maintenance of your pride and joy, at Corsair Boats we are able to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

Annual maintenance is an important aspect of owning a wooden vessel. Our capabilities include slipping of boats, on water repairs and servicing, and high quality Shipwright’s services for general repairs, painting and Diesel Engine servicing. The quality of our work is guaranteed and we only use the best marine products to keep your boat looking like new. Some clients own wooden boats that have become part of their “family”. We can undertake comprehensive restorations, or even modifications to update the vessels to meet the owner’s requirements.

For those wishing to get their “hands dirty” we are happy to offer yard space and guidance on all aspects of wooden boat maintenance. Please contact us for detailed information on our labour rates, slipping charges and yardage fee’s. We have provided a maintenance checklist for those wishing to plan their maintenance schedule.

Boat storage is available from $30 per week.
Please contact us on 03 5981 2451 for further details.