Most people involved with Timber boats will have heard of the unique Tasmanian Timber called Huon Pine. Only a few years after Van Diemens land was settled, European Explorers found ancient tree trunks buried in the mud of rivers close to Hobart. They were amazed that these trunks were still completely unaffected by rot.

It turns out that they had discovered Huon Pine now widely regarded as the worlds best Boatbuilding timber. Huon Pine contains quantities of a natural preserving oil called methyl eugenol which allows it to survive on the forest floor for centuries, also repelling against fungus, insects and marine organisms.

A buried Huon pine log was documented by scientists to have been lying there for 38,000 years! As well as being a preservative, the methyl eugenol provides the timber with natural lubrication, so it can be bent, shaped or sculpted without splitting.  All these features combine to make Huon Pine highly sought after as a Boatbuilding timber.

We have great pride in utilising Huon Pine in all the vessels that we build.