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Crafted using only the finest materials, a bespoke boat by Corsair Boats is nothing short of spectacular.  Built to your exact requirements and with no details overlooked, your new boat will enhance your lifestyle for many years to come.

Choose from our standard range of Bass Strait Motor Yachts which are fully customizable, or our Couta Boats which are built to the established class guidelines. Alternatively you may like to build a displacement motor cruiser, a high speed planning hull or an ocean going yacht. The choice is yours, limited only by your imagination.  Our boats are not mass produced, each one is built with the same care as though we were building it for ourselves.

We offer a variety of construction methods for your new boat.  We are skilled in the traditional methods of carvel and shiplap construction and modern timber composite construction such as strip planked and epoxy sheathed hulls.  Utilising modern vacuum bagging techniques, this method produces a lightweight, strong, virtually maintenance free hull. We are happy to advise you on the best construction method applicable to your new boat.

The process of building a new boat can be daunting, there are so many different aspects to consider. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients every step of the way to produce a boat to their exact requirements. From initial conception through to launch you will be encouraged to involve yourself in the process. Not only do we construct your dream, we hope to build lasting friendships with all clients.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us to make your dream a reality.


With a heritage dating back over a century and once the mainstay of the Victorian commercial fishing fleet, the Couta Boat has experienced a revival in recent decades.

Couta Boats are recognisable by their beautiful wineglass hull form and striking gaff rig making them stand out amongst the world of production fibreglass yachts. These boats are constructed utilising traditional wooden boat building skills blended with modern materials and techniques. The carvel planked hull over steam bent frames, with laid timber deck and open cockpit encapsulated by round coamings are identifiable characteristics harking back to their fishing boat heritage. Tiller steered via a transom hung rudder and with their distinctive curved bowsprit projecting the headsail forward of the stem, the powerful gaff rig sail plan makes these boats a joy to sail. The compact diesel engine installed in each boat pushes the craft along at a leisurely pace, for those times when sailing is not on the agenda.

Each Couta Boat is individually designed and handcrafted. Now predominately used for day sailing, a significant fleet of these boats can be seen most weekends racing around the southern waters of Port Phillip Bay. Owning a Couta Boat provides unlimited opportunities for competitive racing or cruising under sail.

All great designs are timeless, and the Couta Boat has certainly proven this over its long history. We pride ourselves on contributing to the ongoing future of the Couta Boat fleet.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss design and construction of your first, or next Couta Boat.



We have based our Bass Strait Motor Yachts on another timeless design the ‘Maine Lobster Boat”. We are honoured to have built a number of these beautiful craft. Our hull designs have been provided directly by the legendary lobster boat family in the USA, the ‘Lowell Brothers’. These boats are ideally suited for day boating or for extensive coastal cruising.

These boats are rugged, seaworthy, fuel efficient and comfortable. Our builds have proven themselves with numerous Bass Strait crossings and circumnavigations of Tasmania. It was for this reason that we called them the “Bass Strait” range.

Capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots or cruising along at displacement speeds, these boat have the punch required to get you out of trouble, or to meander along enjoying the experience of being out on the open ocean. The vacuum bagged cedar stripped hulls are capable of withstanding the harshest conditions, whilst the full keel protects the all-important running gear. The round bilge hull with extensive flat sections aft provide a combination of stability, kindly seakeeping motion and performance not evident in many other comparable vessels.

Our standard designs are 35’ and 40’, however you are not limited to these sizes. Each boat is fully customised so whether you intend to use it for entertaining, overnighting or extended cruising the choice is yours. The list of options is endless, so contact us today for more information on these wonderful craft.


Boat Repairs & Maintenance

Does your boat require a little tlc?

Annual maintenance is an important aspect of owning a boat.  Our capabilities include slipping of boats, on water repairs and servicing, high quality Shipwright’s services for general repairs, painting and diesel engine servicing. The quality of our work is guaranteed and we use only the best marine products to keep your boat looking like new.

We have all the necessary skills to offer annual maintenance for wooden and fibreglass boats and in consultation with you, we will keep your pride and joy in top condition. For those wishing to get their ‘hands dirty’ we are happy to offer yard space and guidance on all aspects of boat maintenance.  Please contact us for detailed information on our labour rates, slipping charges and yardage fees.


Boat Restorations

Does your boat require a serious makeover?


Whether it’s a clinker dinghy, a Couta Boat, an ocean going yacht or motor vessel, we offer a complete restoration service. One of our greatest pleasures is breathing new life into an old boat. Wooden boats are unique and if properly maintained they will outlast their owners! Many wooden boats are like member of a family and are handed down through the generations, each has a story to tell.

We have undertaken extensive restoration works on many wooden boats including new keels, steam bent frame replacement, new decks, new cabins, engine repowering, electrical work and re-painting.

Depending on the wishes of the client, we can undertake the restoration for you, or can offer advice and assistance for those that like to be hands on.

Please contact us today to discuss your project.



Yes, we can help!

Does your boat require Osmosis repairs, gelcoat repairs, a re-spray, new upholstery or repowering?

Many fibreglass boats have timber floors and trims which we can revitalise or replace if required.  Perhaps you would like to remodel your galley or cabin? Marine plywood is used extensively in many fibreglass boats, and often these areas require re-glassing as traditional polyester layups can de-laminate from timber/plywood over time.  We only use modern epoxy resins when sheathing timber substrates with fibreglass cloth. Epoxy resins are designed specifically for this task and provide a permanent solution. We have all the skills and experience to undertake all of these tasks.

Please contact us today to discuss your project.


Boat Haulage

Need your boat moved?

Corsair Boats provides slipping and haulage services for annual maintenance. We are able to haul boats up to 8 metres (26’) in length and weighing 3,500 kgs. We can collect your boat from the mooring, de-rig and remove ballast if required and haul to our yard for winter storage.

What if my boat is larger than this? No problem, we can arrange haulage for larger vessels utilising other boat haulage companies in our region.

Our haulage services are for boats based on the Mornington Peninsula. Should you require longer distance or interstate haulage we are happy to introduce you to others that can assist.


Boat storage

Need to store your boat for the Winter?

For peace of mind, rather than your boat left unattended on a mooring over the winter months, we are able to provide storage at our facility in Rosebud at competitive rates. Prices start from $25 per week depending on the size of the boat.

Storing your boat at our site allows us to carry out any maintenance efficiently. However, if you like to do the work yourself we are happy to provide assistance and grant access to the yard during normal business hours.

Please contact us for further information regarding storage conditions and charges.


Mechanical Work

Does your engine need a service?

We offer services for all the systems required to keep your boat running reliably.  Engine servicing of all popular makes of marine diesel engines including Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Perkins and Nanni to name a few.

Corsair Boats can perform maintenance of propulsion, plumbing and electrical systems.

Whether it’s a basic service, a re-build or a re-power of your vessel and all associated systems, we can assist.


Timber Bending & laminating

Looking for a unique design element in your home?

Bending and laminating timber is an integral aspect of boatbuilding.  These skills also transition into other fields. Architects have engaged us to provide complex components for the domestic and commercial construction industry such as the custom order for Peninsula Hot Springs.  Laminated beams, window frames, arches, furniture or conversation pieces such as art work and feature items. We offer this bespoke service to your specification.   



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